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Example Tire Size: P225/55R18 97T

TIRE TYPE - Designates the type of vehicle the tire is designed to fit: passenger (P), light truck (LT), temporary spare (T), and special trailers (ST). No letter indicates that the tire is euro-metric.

TIRE WIDTH -  Indicates the width or thickness of the tire in millimeters. Measured from the widest point of a tire's sidewall to the widest point of its inner sidewall. Also known as Section Width. In this case, 225 is the tire width.

ASPECT RATIO - Identifies the relationship between the tire's sidewall height and the tire's width. Here, the sidewall height is 55% of the width. A lower ratio means a smaller sidewall height, better cornering, and a rougher ride.

WHEEL DIAMETER - Indicates the diameter of the wheel the tire is designed to fit. In this case, the tire will fit a wheel with an 18-inch diameter.

LOAD INDEX - Refers to the weight a tire can carry at its maximum rate of inflation. The number corresponds to a load capacity found on a load index chart. In this case, 97 corresponds to a load index of 1,609 pounds.

SPEED RATING - Designates the maximum safe speed at which the tire is designed to carry a load under certain conditions. The range of speed ratings is from A (lowest) to Y (highest), with the only exception being that H falls between U and V. Surpassing the lawful speed limit is not recommended.